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    Thank you for visiting one of the Kern Stop Methamphetamine Now Web sites. We hope you have done so with the help of a parent or teacher, because that's one of the best ways to explore the Internet and make sure that the sites you visit are educational and fun.

We do not collect any information about you, but we do collect some information from your computer, such as:

  • How you found us: through your school Web site, a search engine like Google, or AOL.
  • When you visited our Web site—our computer calendar and clock tell us the day and time of your visit.
  • Which of our pages you visited and which you viewed the longest.
  • What type and version of software you are using to view our site, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or something else.
  • If you came to us from a page at a different Web site, and which one it was.
We are very interested in what you have to say. If you write to us, we use the email address from your message to respond. It's up to you whether you tell us who you are and where you live, but make sure it's okay with a parent or guardian first—get permission any other time you provide information online. If you're not sure it's okay with them, you can always come back and visit the site again later, when you have their permission. While we cannot respond to your message without your email address, you can still write to us and visit the rest of this Web site without providing any information about yourself.

Computers and the Police
We won't tell anyone anything that you or your computer tells us. The only time we can't keep this promise is if someone breaks the law and tries to mess up our pages. Then, the police will need information from us.
Remember! Although, we don't keep information on you, some computers might. They have to tell you first if they are going to keep information about you, and they should tell you why and for how long they keep the information.
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